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“Our most common and momentous encounters with nature occur in the kitchen. The most common way most people in industrialized world encounter nonhuman nature is as food. Eating puts us in relationship with animals, farmers, watersheds, and countless of people and places, most of them far from our home places. Reflecting on consumption, especially of food, opens up new ways of thinking not only about relations to nature but also about relations between values and practices.” – Anna Peterson

About me

Some might wonder why Oly and not Oyl? It was a typo and very typical of me being careless but I've decided to keep Oly for a number of reasons. I want a made-up character that better represents me comically and if you take away the o's, this site is just as LIVELY as it says and that's all I want it to be. This is a food journal of what I make and eat. I hope through some of these dishes, I can inspire many others to enjoy and pursue a home cooking lifestyle.

Please join me. Cooking is fun! 

Thanks for stopping by.


Cindy x

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