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Cheesy Chinese Zucchini & Carrot Patties

I love making patties because that is one of the best ways to clear my leftovers in the fridge.  Once again, this recipe was inspired by Chef Gordon Ramsay.  In his original recipe, he used haloumi cheese.  I didn't have any haloumi at the time but I had some aged cheddar cheese sitting in the fridge so I used that instead.  Instead of using any imported courgettes, I used the local Chinese zucchini.  You can easily find them at most of the supermarkets and wet markets in Hong Kong.  

The wonderful thing about this recipe is that it doesn't hurt the wallet yet the taste remains magnificent and the kids would love it.  These patties are great to impress guests for small gatherings as a starter.  Most importantly, you don't need to go out of your ways to get these simplest ingredients.  

Happy cooking! :) 


Cindy x

The taste and texture of these patties are magnificent.  Anyone who doesn't like veggies would somehow end up loving these patties.  

Servings: 5 patties

Preparation Time: 15-20 minutes

Cook Time: 20-25 minutes

Ingredients for the patties: 

1 chinese zucchini, grated

1 carrot, grated

2 eggs, whisked

1.5 cup panko breadcrumbs

1 garlic glove, finely chopped

1 cup grated cheddar cheese

1/2 cup grated parmesan

1 handful fresh basil leaves * ( I used thai basil because that's what I found in the wet market), chopped

1/2 cup chopped spring onion

extra-virgin olive oil


1) Sprinkle some salt to the grated veggies and squeeze out any excess moisture.  Transfer the veggies to a large mixing bowl.  

2) Add garlic, cheese, fresh basil, spring onion, egg, and breadcrumbs.  Season.  Mix well.  

3) Form about 3cm thick patties with your hands and refrigerate the patties for about 20 minutes.  

4) Preheat a frying pan with a generous amount of olive oil on medium-low heat, cook each side of the patties for roughly 10-15 minutes until each side turns golden.  Reduce heat if necessary.  

5) Use a kitchen paper towel to soak up any excess oil.  Serve with the sweet and spicy sauce.  Recipe is below.  

In the original recipe, chef Gordon Ramsay used haloumi but I didm;t want to go to an international supermarket to get it so I just used some aged cheddar.  In fact, aged cheddar is a lot of cheaper so it's perfect if you are planning on a budget meal.  

Add garlic, cheese, fresh basil, spring onion, egg, and breadcrumbs.  Season.  Mix well.  

Form about 3cm thick patties with your hands and refrigerate the patties for about 20 minutes.  

Ingredients for the sweet and spicy sauce: 

1 tsp fresh ginger, finely chopped

1 pinch salt

1/2 tsp sugar

1/2 red chili, finely chopped

1/2 green chili, finely chopped

1/3 cup rice vinegar

1 drizzle extra-virgin olive oil

1 handful chopped coriander

Instruction: Mix all ingredients in a small bowl.  Serve with the patties.  

cheesy chinese zucchini and carrot patties with sweet and spicy sauce

cheesy chinese zucchini and carrot patties with sweet and spicy sauce - enjoy :) 

red lobster's all time favorite - cheddar biscuits

I know there is a high demand for healthy food and blah blah blah..  But every now and then, we just want to get a little indulging and stuff our faces with some delicious and extremely unhealthy food.  I've always had a thing for the cheesy and buttery biscuits from Red Lobster when I was a kid.  My dad used to take us there every weekend and we just stuffed ourselves with a bunch of those yummy and fluffy biscuits.  

So I saw this recipe on Pinterest the other day and thought I'd give it a go since we don't have Red Lobster in Hong Kong.  I made a bunch of them last night as well as today and they all vanished pretty quickly.  That's how much everyone loves the cheddar biscuits in this house.  :) 

If you have time over this weekend,  give it a try and I guarantee you that you won't regret it.  I bet kids would love it, too!  Have a great weekend! 

Cindy xx

These little fluff balls are super easy to make and the greatest part is you don't need much craftsmanship to make them look pretty.  I basically just spoon the dough and literally drop it onto a baking sheet.   :) 

Servings: 8-10 biscuits

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes


For the dough--

2 cups all-purpose flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 cup cheddar cheese, grated

1 tsp dried parsley

1 cup cold milk

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp salt

1 tsp garlic powder

6 tbsp butter, cut in small cubes

For topping: 

1 tsp dried parsley

2-3 tbsp butter, melted

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp garlic powder


1) Preheat oven at 200ºC.  Line a baking sheet on the baking tray.  

2) Get a measuring cup and fill up with cold milk and a tablespoon of lemon juice.  Place it in the fridge for 5 minutes.   

3) Get a large mixing bowl, whisk the flour and add baking powder, garlic powder, dried parsley and salt.  Mix well.  

4) Add the butter cubes to the flour and try to crumble the butter with the flour until the small pea-sized crumbs form.  

5) Add cheese and mix evenly. Add the cold milk to the flour mixture.  Stir a bit and not overmix the dough.  

6) Scoop a large tablespoon full of dough and place it on the baking sheet.  Separate each biscuit dough by an inch or two.  Bake for 15 minutes.  

7) Brush butter generously over each biscuit top.  Serve warm.  

I also made a simple quinoa salad to go with the biscuits this afternoon.  

Servings: 2 persons

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes


1.5 - 2 cups cooked quinoa

1 small eggplant, diced

1/2 onion, thinly sliced

1-2 tbsp toasted pine nuts

1 bowl fresh mixed greens

1/2 tsp cayenne powder

2-3 tbsp spicy coriander pesto*

1/2 lime juice

1 shallot, finely chopped

1 tbsp sesame seeds

extra-virgin olive oil


1) Preheat oven at 180ºC.  

2) Get a baking tray and add oil, eggplant, and onion.  Season and add cayenne powder.  Roast for about 20 minutes.

3) Mix the roasted eggplant, quinoa, mixed greens, sesame seed, pine nut, chopped shallot and pesto together.  Season.  

4) Garnish with some chopped coriander and a twist of fresh lime juice.  

* spicy coriander pesto: blend 1 garlic clove, a bunch coriander, 1/2 green chili, 1 tbsp fresh lime juice, extra-virgin olive oil