Ciao from Italy...

Not long ago, I had a long discussion with my dear friend, Deborah, about the sort of things that I should blog about.  She feels that I should write more personal stuffs on my blog and my immediate response was I didn't want to sound narcissistic.  As always, she convinced me with a sound reply-- blogging is indeed about narcissism.  

I admit that I have been pretty reserved when it comes to sharing my personal life here.  I guess it's got to do with this perplexed feeling that I have, which forbids me to roam freely in writing.  I’m too conscious of what I say online (not in person though).  I feel responsible for everything I write.  I certainly don’t want to mislead anyone or talk irresponsibly and be held accountable for any repercussions.  And truly, I don't want to make a fool out of myself.  I’m pretty convinced that I have neither the personality nor confidence and skill to write like a professional.  Just bearing with these thoughts is enough to diminish every desire I have to express freely.  But then again, I know it takes practice to perfect everything.  I need to invest more time to learn how to write better and elaborate my thoughts clearly so I don't sound like I got massive ADD.  

I love to cook and I love to take photos of my food.  That is my biggest passion and I want to continue to do this for as long as I can.  And if you are reading this right now, I hope you could bear with me and let my photos and recipes do most of the talking here.  Marco and I don't live a glamorous life.  We are like many other couples out there; struggling everyday to pay our bills and at the end of the day, our biggest reward is the food that we put on our dining table.

I recently took up a freelance job and it was to document a social enterprise's short stay for previewing the Milan Expo.  Honestly, I didn't do most of the work here.  It was more right up my girlfriend's alley.  Ilaria is a professional photographer and a native Milanese so she ended up doing most of the coordination.  I'm so thankful to have this girl around.  I wouldn't be able to make it without her, seriously.  Long story short, the week went by pretty fast and now I am back in Veneto where I'll be staying at most of my time.  

I still haven't got time to whip up any special cool dishes because I've been traveling a lot for work.  Plus we live quite far from our work places so we get home pretty late everyday.  But I did get to cook a little bit this past Sunday.  We had a nice brunch outside the patio.  I also took some photos when I was heading to buy vegetables down the road.  As soon as I get the flow going, I'll definitely go back to my blog post regularly.  

For the time being, let me share some photos that I've taken so far.  :) 

Ciao for now!

There are so many beautiful old buildings in Milan.  Every corner is a possible shooting site.  No wonder this city is a magnet for many artists, designers, models, and photographers.  

I love Lake Como and I definitely need to revisit when our partner in crime, Robby, is around.  

Brioche is my new love these days.

Fennel is in season so this fennel salad tasted ultra fresh! 

Presentation is just as important as taste at Verdi's.  

It was so nice to have the chance to meet Silvio Anderloni, President of Il Bosco in Città.  This was taken from our visit of his urban garden.  

What's lovely about these urban gardens is that they are assigned to citizens through a call for tender following specific criteria.  Many senior citizens, young students, families, and even foreign communities can participate to carry out a variety of social missions.  Everyone is there to underline the importance of food and horticulture.  

After Milan, we are back in Teolo, where we'll be staying for awhile.  

We have a pretty amazing sunset view on most days.  

On my way to get some fresh veggies... 

And of course, I got distracted by these funky looking chickens in our neighbor's garden.  I had to stop and snap some photos.  My neighbor probably thought I was gonna steal his chickens.. LOL

Marco told me that Veneto used to be the wealthiest region of Italy.  This is why we see so many old villas around.  Can you imagine what it was like a hundred years ago?  

At last, the best and favorite meal of the week -- fresh guacamole, scrambled egg (fresh from Marco's grandmother's chicken), caramelized onion, and mixed greens on a tortilla wrap

Follow by a siesta..............  Sunday will always be my favorite day of the week.  :)