We are here to promote a home cooking culture.  We encourage people to be more involved in choosing food.  We hope to share our personalized concepts and interests to develop a healthy habit and attitude to food that will last everyone a lifetime.


Our Philosophy and Story


“Our most common and momentous encounters with nature occur in the kitchen. The most common way most people in industrialized world encounter nonhuman nature is as food. Eating puts us in relationship with animals, farmers, watersheds, and countless of people and places, most of them far from our home places. Reflecting on consumption, especially of food, opens up new ways of thinking not only about relations to nature but also about relations between values and practices.” – Anna Peterson

Marco and I started our cooking workshop back in 2012 when we were living in the Western of Hong Kong.  Our purpose was rather straight forward.  We wanted to promote a healthy eating culture and by doing that, we used to invite friends over for dinner.  Neither of us are trained chefs but we both love to cook and eat good food.  Since we are from two different (Chinese and Italian) food cultures, our dishes often resemble a hint of fusion and most of them are vegetarian based recipes. 

What we enjoy the most is the time we share with our friends over the dining table.  We solely believe that food brings people and family together.  Most of our dinners normally take at least 2 hours, even if it's just the two of us.  We laugh, we cry and sometime we argue during a meal but we believe this is how and when people can truly communicate with each other.  We talk about our ambitions and we plan our future over our meals.  Great things oftentimes are created in the mundane practice of life.  And this was how ms food division came as an idea.   For those who wonder what "ms" stands for, it is "my sustainable" food division.      

Our cookings are simple and quick to make.  We would rather let the fresh ingredients speak for themselves.  I am still learning how to mold this site as well as my cooking and food photography skills.  This is really just a food journal of what we make and what we eat on a regular basis.  I hope through some of our feeds, we can inspire many others to enjoy and pursue a home cooking culture.

Thank you for reading and stopping by.  :) 



This is me, a vegetarian home-cooking activist, a mediocre brand consultant, and a sucker for beautiful things.  

Summer 2012

Summer 2012